When the Storm Birds Fly

This is my newest story.  I don't have very many dreams for it right now. I don't think it'll ever get published, but that's refreshing. There was once a time where writers didn't write to get published, they wrote to write and to tell a story to their readers. Most of them became bestsellers after their deaths. I don't think I'll ever be a writer like they are, but I think I'm taking a step in the right direction by not worrying about becoming published just yet and handwriting everything.

Main Characters. Katherine Mardan and Jack "Matty" Matteoli
Main Setting. Gearhart, Washington, modern times and German Stalnag (POW camp), 1940s
Genres. Historical, possible Romance, sprinkling of fantasy
Plot. Jack begs someone to help him, Katherine answers. Too bad she's from the present and he's an American pilot captured by the Germans in the throes of WWII. Too bad she can't really help him, and too bad he won't live to tell the tale of the woman who talked to him through a radio and kept him alive throughout his imprisonment.
Inspired by. Seeing a Zenith radio on Pawn Stars.