Saturday, October 30, 2010



So I've been the most MIA person for the past couple weeks. I promise I never forgot about this thing, I was just way too lazy to update it whenever I had a second of free time. This weekend, I don't have school on Monday, which means that I'll be furiously typing away at my NaNovel all day in between doing homework.

My computer monitor shakes on my desk whenever I type because this desk is a piece of shit, and I'm kind of worried that it might take off into space one of these days.

With NaNo looming on the horizon, I've been thinking. What makes thousands of people try to write a novel in November? For some people, I'm sure, they just want to write a novel to try to get it on the shelves. They're in it for the cash, rather than the words; the results rather than the process. But I don't feel like those people are a majority, or even a percentage worth mentioning. At least not with NaNo.

People write because they have to.

That's why I write.

They write because their hearts are seized by an idea that won't free them until they give it a voice, until they give it a life to return to their own. 

Even though I've doubted myself and my story more times than I can count, I'm returning to it in a little less than eighteen hours, and I can't wait.

How many of you guys are doing NaNo?


  1. Nice to hear from you again!
    I'm doing NaNo not because I'm trying to get published but because of an idea that wouldn't let me go. That idea that I have given the past seven years of my life to.
    Now I'm taking a break from it to try to write something new. Nothing special, just a simple, not even original, idea. But something different and time spent from my literal seven year itch. I can't wait, succeed or fail.
    I added you as a buddy on NaNo, hope you don't mind!

  2. I've joined NaNo (Jen_Unedited if you wanna follow).

    I write because ever since I've started I haven't been able to stop. I love it, couldn't imagine my life without a pen and paper.