Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abandon Thought and Let the Dream Descend

I think Erik's right. You only learn your secrets when you pass the point of no return. You only learn your strengths and weaknesses until you go somewhere you don't want to go and do things that you don't want to do. Until you watch the bridges burn and follow a monster down into its lair, you never know that the monster is secretly an Angel rotting in Hell.


YEAH, SO I SAW PHANTOM LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING, AWE-INSPIRING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. It was totally incredible. Completely magical and I left it almost unable to stand. AND ERIK TOTALLY NODDED AT ME WHEN I WAS FREAKING OUT IN THE CROWD, BECAUSE I WAS ONLY TWO ROWS AWAY AND HE WAS SMILING AND IT WAS SO COOL I ALMOST DIED. I also met the actress (Trista Moldovan) who plays Christine this tour and found out that she's from here and that she went to one of the colleges my parents want me to look at. We talked for a little bit about how totally incredible the show is, and it was amazing to hear what the show meant to her.

And I didn't fangirl in front of her like an idiot and she signed my playbill and the next time my Mom and I go we're standing outside the stage door earlier to catch Erik (Tim Martin Gleason) and Raoul (Sean MacLaughlin). we're not stalkers, no. 

Now as I sit here listening to my monkey music box chime the tune to Masquerade over and over again, with the 2004 Movie Soundtrack (starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, and Patrick Wilson) going in the background, I feel so inspired just to create. I never thought that seeing the show would do this to me; I'm still shaking just thinking about it. 

Today will be a good day.

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