Monday, July 26, 2010

I Want to Write About Gay Marines like Cormac McCarthy

And now's time to start the real fun shit. I already don't know why I started this blog. It's been what, twenty minutes? This is looking good already.

There is a story that I want to tell. A story about a gay Marine in today's world and war. My parents have chosen to remain mostly silent on my choice of subject matter, but I'm sure they're thinking How the hell did we raise such a damn liberal? But I don't consider myself a liberal, or a conservative, or an independent. I consider myself a person who doesn't want to blow the Middle East off the map because the culture there fascinates me and I believe that you can't blame a population for the beliefs of a crazy few who have taken a beautiful religion and culture and twisted it to meet their own ends.

They called for jihad against the West, so how does it make us any better than them if we do the same against them?

But those are the thoughts of a damn liberal in a house of damn, foolish conservatives. Politics aren't my story, though they certainly play a roll in it. No, my story's about Todd and how he chooses to live.

If only I could give him any life to life.

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