Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Plot

Is it obnoxious that I'm posting so much in a day? No one follows this blog, but I think it is. I'm just making it up for when I forget to update this/am too lazy/don't have time. I'm sure these extra posts will come in handy sometime and plus they're making me feel good. 

The Plot
This is technically the most important thing of a novel, right? This is what people read for, right? This is also the part that I can never write without sounding like a pretentious bitch, so here it goes.

My story is about a gay Marine who is discharged after he is WIA (wounded in action) in Baghdad, Iraq by a roadside bomb. A Facebook picture of Lee kissing another man in a gay NYC club surfaced, and was matched back to a trip he took while on leave. While he struggles to come to terms with himself and his country long after the war has become unpopular, his younger brother Cam must salvage his broken relationship with his longterm fiancĂ©e in order to earn his way back into his unborn son's life.

There. That's the plot. Pretty simple. I wish.

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