Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know that this isn't supposed to be easy, but goddamn, how the fuck am I supposed to do this if I can't even take a notebook and write what I want to happen in the novel? How am I supposed to write the story I want to write if I don't believe in the characters I'm attempting to create? I think I need to just relax about this whole thing. Maybe today I won't do so much in the way of hardcore plotting, and just figure out Lee. Maybe I'll go on the NaNo forums and see if anyone would mind roleplaying with him for a minute or two.

In the meantime: the secret to productivity isn't plotting or characters, it's totally a massive box of Wonka Sweet Tarts.

Doubting is never fun

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  1. We all have days like this. I certainly do. But even if you just write one line, solidify one character trait, it hasn't been a waste of a day. You're attempting to do a lot in one year; but that doesn't mean you have to figure out the whole plot in a week or write 1,666 words a day (NaNo, how you fail/win at life).

    Also, Sweet Tarts are nasty as hell. Get thee some pillow mints.