Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Not Supposed to Work Like This...

Haven't done much at all in the way of plotting and/or character shit. Thought about it, didn't happen. Instead I watched TV and went horseback riding. Where I almost fell off my horse, but it was my fault and not hers. I love my pony. Even though she's 17 hands and isn't much of a pony. And apparently she jumped out of the round pen earlier this week...the round pen gate is five feet high and she was never trained as a jumper. 

Watched [i]The Time Traveler's Wife[/i] tonight with my parents (brothers are gone right now so we can watch chick flicks and my Dad doesn't complain). I never read the book, but the movie was interesting and Eric Bana was hot, holy shit when did that man become attractive and reminded me of an idea I was talking with one of my friends about yesterday.

Last night that idea just involved an oldschool radio like this one. Now it involves a WWII airforce pilot and a modern girl, trying to solve his death. All while listening to it happen on the radio.

Yeah, not gonna lie, this sounds more interesting right now than Gunmetal Gray.

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