Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Beyond Word Count

I don't know what to do with myself.

I have no word count to judge my success of the day on. It's very, very strange. I figure it's so strange because my left-brain (not sure if I've pimped this out on the blog yet, but Write by Karen E. Peterson is an awesome book that explains the psychology behind writer's block and how to get your right and left brains to work together) is so used to having to meet a certain, self-imposed word count. Generally, I don't like my short stories to be under 1,000 words. I think a roleplay post (yeah, yeah, yeah, I RP, but it isn't anything like ...table-top RPing) is a failure if it's less than 600 words.

Key words in that sentence: is a failure.

How much of a shitty perspective on my own writing is that? I know that there are ways to figure out your word count when you're handwriting, but I don't remember how to do them and I'm kind of glad that I don't. Not having a word count to worry about, or even the option to worry about it, is nice. My goal is now to write something everyday instead of write 1,000 words each day. I wrote about two and a half pages yesterday. So that's probably what, 750 words? If 250 words are on a page?

A failure by my old system and standards, a success by my new ones.

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