Sunday, August 8, 2010

This is when it starts getting hard...

I'm running out of titles for these posts, which can't be a good sign. I've been pretty good with posting everyday, but this is around when I start pretending that I forgot to update this thing. I don't really know why I'm updating this anyway, no one but Emmy follows it. Time for some promo, I think. 

I just threw up a page on the projects I want to write eventually. That sounds nasty.  The more I learn about our brains, though, having  multiple projects going at once doesn't seem like a bad thing. My left brain detests the idea of focusing on more than one thing at once, of course, which is probably why it sounds so awesome to my right brain. Really, though, so long as you're writing something towards some larger goal, shouldn't the day be successful? 

It might be easier to keep inspiration and morale up if you work on more than one project at once, but I don't know. Maybe I'll have to try it and report back here on how it goes.

Another great way to rekindle inspiration for a project, I've discovered, is to let someone rewrite a part or a whole chapter of your MS. I know, I know, we're all protective of our manuscripts because we've poured our hearts into those messy, unedited words. Most people would probably be a little skeptical of letting someone else shred their chapters and stitch them back together again, and honestly, so was I. 

A couple days ago, I was approached by a very nice woman named Carol after she critiqued my prologue on Nathan Bransford's forums about considering letting another person rewrite part of my prologue. I said yes for the heck of it and today she emailed me not only her suggestions on my original, which were awesome and detailed and exactly what I needed right now to see all the mistakes I hadn't been able to before, but she explained why she rewrote parts of it like she did. It was very interesting to see my characters and the prologue that I'd worked so much on rewritten in another voice and style, though she captured the overall mood of the scene and characters well while providing some of the clarity that I hadn't realized was lacking. 

The first 250 words of the original and her rewrite are going to go up on her blog Wednesday.

I wonder if this is what published authors feel like if they stumble across fanfiction using their characters and worlds.

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