Sunday, August 1, 2010

When the Storm Birds Fly

It's official.

I have another project. 

Basic info:

I am totally a crazy, completely insane person for starting another project. The two main characters are Katherine Mardan and Jack "Matty" Matteoli. Katherine runs her grandparents' antique shop in Gearhart, Oregon. One day a customer comes in with a 1938 Zenith radio. She purchases the radio and begins to channel surf on it when the radio picks up a man calling for help. She realizes that the man can hear her just as she can hear him and asks what's wrong, when he explains that his name is Jack Matteoli and he is an American POW of the Germans in the Second World War. 

Jack doesn't know that Katherine isn't from his time, and Katherine doesn't know how to help him. They continue to speak whenever Jack feels it's safe, and Katherine begins to dig into the history of the war in an attempt to figure out exactly who Jack is.

That's when she finds out something else Jack doesn't know: he doesn't make it out of the war alive.

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