Sunday, August 22, 2010

The NaNo Preseason

I said this would happen. And it happened, like all other self-fulfilling prophecy. It took me five tries to spell fulfilling right, which I think is pathetic. I said I'd get bored, that I'd get lazy, and that this thing wouldn't get updated again. And it did. I haven't written anything in longer than two weeks. I haven't been reading anything but Founding Brothers and as soon as I finish typing this I'm jumping in the shower and then I'm reading that some more. 

I have a week and a day until school starts on the 30th. That means that I have a week and two days until my own official NaNoWriMo preseason starts. If I start on the first of September, that gives me exactly two months to plan and outline and figure out my characters. I started planning for NaNo last year with around two weeks until it started, and while I reached the goal, it didn't go as well as I wanted it too. I don't have any illusions about how easy or not this will be, since junior year is definitely the hardest year of high school and I need to get some kickass grades, but I'm going to plan as much as possible beforehand. 

As of right now, I have four ideas:
  1. Gunmetal Gray
    • Already wrote this one once, last November. No other story's ever stuck with me like this one has. I already have some of the research materials that I'd need. This story is the one that'd be the most difficult to write, but it's also the one that I know the most about.
    • If I don't write the second draft of this during November, I'm afraid that I'll never write it.
  2. Where the Storm Birds Fly
    • I tentatively started this one a few weeks ago. I have the character outlines and novel blueprint written in a notebook. It'd be easier to copy those onto the computer than to just start over. 
    • I don't really think this story is going to go anywhere, post-NaNo, if I choose to write it. But it might be good to just let myself write something.
  3. Roulette
    • I only have my MMC, Roulette, for this one. I know his girlfriend's name, and that's it. This would be really interesting to write but it'd require more research. I used Roulette for one roleplay, a few months ago, that's currently on hiatus, and I'd like to use him again.
    • I'd have to develop everything more than Gunmetal Gray or When the Storm Birds Fly. 
  4. Shadowplay
    • I hate this title. 
    • I  started to work on this one for Screnzy, last April, as a graphic novel for the hell of it. Since I can't draw worth a damn and lost all of the prepping I did for that, I'd have to completely start over.
    • The plot and characters for this are probably my worst; I came up with this idea in the sixth grade, if that says anything about the  quality of them. I don't know if this idea has what it needs to make it as a novel, even for NaNo.
First order of business: deciding which story to go with.

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