Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Much Blogging, So Little Time [II]

Did you miss me? The last blog (that I finished about five seconds ago) wasn't about very much besides my school life. What I think is much more interesting is my writing life, so that's what this blog's about. First, the writing meme questions:

Tell Us About your First Story or Character:
 Do I have to? My first stories were so bad. At the time I didn't think so, but I know they were now. By the standards I've set for myself and my writing now, that is. I care a lot more about my writing than I used to. Before a couple of years ago, writing was just an escape from the endless flashcards my Dad would shove in my face because I hated (and still do) math and because I wasn't good at it. (I'm still not.) I do remember always liking to write, though. Before I knew how to read, apparently I'd stolen a copy of Zombies of the Gene Pool from beneath our table where it was keeping a leg up.

Somewhere there's pictures of me trying to read that book while holding it upside down. 

I was always friends with older girls who liked to write, so we'd sit together and I'd scribble on pieces of paper and call it a story while they wrote actual stories. So my first "stories" weren't anything other than scribbles on a page. In second grade, I wrote a story about a super-dolphin named Flipper. I think his name was Flipper, but I don't remember. I'll call him Flipper for now. He had to save his other dolphin friends from a net. I stood up one morning in class and read everyone my story. My next story was some weird cross between the original ASPCA New York show on Animal Planet and JAWS. I don't think I read anyone that one.

Next came a story about a guy who rode a dragon through space on some quest and then some generic fantasy quest through a world that I made up. I remember handwriting about fifteen pages of that one.

The first story I ever finished was a terrible piece of AFI (the band) fanfiction that I never talk about. It was exactly 100 pages when I ended it. I went on to write more AFI fan-fiction and it's that fandom that I credit with teaching me how to write. I don't write much of it anymore because I don't have the time or inspiration for my own original stories, much less fanfic. 

So that's how I started writing.

Who are your Youngest and Oldest Characters by Age? Who are they by when you Created them?

If secondary characters count, my youngest character would be Isi, Felix's little sister. She's anywhere between 6-8, mostly because I haven't decided on an age yet, and I only ever use Felix for roleplays. She's also one of my newer characters. I created Isi and Felix in late May, to write with a friend and her new characters, and because I wanted to write a character who was a streetfighter and he needed a softer side. My oldest character is another one that I used only for a roleplay that's pretty much dead now; I affectionately call him Hades, because he's the craziest character I've ever written and the reincarnation of the Greek God. His real name is Dr. Hayden James, though, and he has awesome blue hair that matches his Porsche. He thinks he makes up the dead people talking to him  and secretly adores Harry Potter. I think he's around 45.

If we want to go by when I created them, I created Hades last summer. He's definitely not the oldest, though. I don't have very many old characters. I tend to abandon the ones I've had for a while if I don't like them, just because of how I originally created them. They're constantly going under revision because I want to create the best characters possible. If a character is an idea, then it'd be Connor from Shadowplay. I had the idea for him in sixth grade. Maybe that's why I hate his story line so much.

The character I created most recently is Janus.

Now that those are out of the way, the fun part of this epically long blog post!

The Labor Day Weekend Write-Off
You know you want to do it. If you're curious, here's the thread on Nathan Bransford's forums, and here's the thread on the NaNoWriMo forums. They say pretty much the same thing, and you don't need to be a member of either site to see the threads, but I figure that people can use some variety in their lives.

The rules are simple: 
  1. Choose your poison plot/story/WIP
  2. Set your word goal for the weekend
  3. Write all weekend
  4. Stop midnight on Monday
  5. Congratulate yourself on writing however many words more than you would have on a normal long weekend.
Personally, I'm going to work on When the Storm Birds Fly, and I hope to reach 15,000 words by midnight. Is anyone else interested?


  1. Yes I did miss you. Yikes that was creepy sounding. Before I get too far, I'll introduce myself, I'm Morgan, a fellow writer, 16, a junior in HS. I first started reading your blog on Saturday and decided to stick around, but its nice to hear from you again.

    I'd like to start out the real portion of my post by congratulating you on your efforts in your work so far. In the few paragraph's I've read about you talking specifically about your work, I've become quite interested. Gun Metal Gray is especially striking to my eye. And now I have a sudden want to read as much as I can about it, or of the story itself. So props to you for catching my attention as fast as you did.

    I think I felt compelled to comment on this, as I figured I should say something about your work if I was going to be a frequenter of your blog. And, well, neopets start, can't say I didn't start there too. I find it rather amusing, I was one of the few people who Roleplayed girls. (I was in a warriors roleplay)

    I'll cut myself off before I get too boring. Just wanted to encourage you to keep up your great work, and if you ever have questions or want advice just drop me a bloggy comment thingy. (No idea how PM's work via blogspot)
    Until we meet again

    Afterthought edits: I think I might join the weekend writing efforts. I've never gotten content volume up that high, and I think that'd be a great goal for me to reach. Despite me not having monday off. (I live in Mexico, sarcastic interjection: where every day is labor day)

  2. Hi, Morgan! Another Junior -- awesome! I still don't know what to think of this year; I know that it's going to be impossibly hard, though. Perfect time to start writing seriously again.

    On that note, thank you so much for commenting on Gunmetal Gray! I've exhausted my betas (and friends) speaking about it, but it's incredible to hear that someone other than them (and myself, of course) is interested in it. It makes me think that maybe I'm not totally crazy for sticking with it so long.

    I predict much more posts on it and my other projects in the future, so hopefully those will sate your interest in it. :P

    Us Neopets writers have to represent. Most of the writers I know online started there, too. It's ironic.

    Good for you! It's going to be like a mini-NaNoWriMo. The point of it isn't to have good writing, but to have written something that you wouldn't have otherwise. I hope you join us!

  3. Okay, first of all: Neopets was awesome back in the day. I used to pretend I was a badass 16-year-old and would go to "parties" in the forums and shit. Why are our 10-year-old selves so lame?!

    Secondly, HOLY SHIT GIRL, a 100-page AFI fic? Is this one I know about?! WHY?!

    Thirdly, you rock.

    Fourthly, if I weren't going camping this weekend, I would ttly join in for the write-off. But as it is, .... nope, don't think so. Plus, I have a shitload of homework that I haven't even started on, blahblahblah.

    Fifthly, I like to hear about Gun Metal Grey, bb! So you haven't exhausted ME at least.

    Sixthly, holy crap, I need you to kick my muse in gear. Fr srs.


    <3 <3 <3

  4. You're right, great time to start working on writing again. I've got two English classes this year, (writing and lit) both with my favorite English teach, who is also the best (in a class room environment, as opposed to 1v1) I've had, and I've had a whole lot. Also helps that he's one of my best friends despite him being a good 30 years older. I'm expecting school to kick my ass this year, a good thing this time. A great time for a new start.

    Hah! I know how you feel. I go on about the same things way too often and for way too long. Lucky for me, and in this case you, my patience is almost unlimited, as long as discussions kept relatively interested. (I wont even go into the depth of how deep I end up going off into things when i decide to go off. See what I mean?)

    Crazy? Maybe, but I think that's a good thing. I've got a proposal for you. You keep bringing new or updated material to the table, and I'll answer every question about it you could ever want an answer to.

    Indeed we do. I think I only have two writer friends who I wasn't directly friends with on neo. The rest well, more or less friends of friends.

    I think I'm going to shoot and try and match your 15,000 word count. Granted that's at least 15 times more than I've ever wrote about one piece in one go. So as long as I can procure enough lemonade and coke (possibly both kinds) I should be good for Saturday/Sunday. Great way to start out the school year eh?

    And to finish up: Simply out of curiosity I'm wondering where you live, because you seem to be a good 5 hours ahead of me at the least, I was thinking more like 7, but who knows. (im on US central time) And in addition to that comment; if you want to talk in a form a little quicker and more personal, I've got all 3 different IM accounts and am pretty flexible with hours.